Hi, I'm Bas

I am a queer interdisciplinary artist who works with physical movement, paint, sound and text. My motto is create, share and celebrate.

The Covid-19 lockdown made me realise how important it is to claim a space. Upon my first experience leaving the house after lockdown, a stranger in the street called me a “fucking fag”. Although I had experienced discrimination in the past, this time it really hit me. A clear demonstration of the huge contrast between how free I had felt in the confinement of my own home and how harsh the outside world can be. On top of that, I suddenly realised how in pre-lockdown-times this kind of name calling happened regularly. To a certain extent I had normalised it.

What a wake-up call! I realised it was time to take my own narrative and play with it. To reclaim my space and the words that have attempted to break me. Only I have the freedom to define myself. I am open and kind, yet curious and excited. I am beautiful and ugly at the same time. I am both masculine and feminine. I am sexual, sensual, intellectual and emotional. Exploring my dualities and allowing myself to just be me: a body, in a space, with others.

I want my art to be a celebration of the moment in which it is created, the people who experience it and the freedom I feel to claim a space in this world.

My background is in ballet and contemporary dance and applied ethics. I create experiences through movement, text and visual art. These are some of my favourite themes:

Claiming queer space. Masculinity, femininity, gender roles and constructs. Stigmatisation. HIV. Concepts of beauty. Freedom. Identity. Collectivity and memory.  

So far my work has been exhibited at Apiary Studios in London (UK) and Pictura in Dordrecht (NL) and will soon be part of the Museum of HIV and Aids Art. For Het Nieuwe Instituut I teach workshops that link the institute’s exhibitions to my own creative practices.

Next to my artistic work, I organise and host events, build and teach workshops and am a museum (de)tour guide. I have experience working with managers, teenagers, kids and teachers. As a creative consultant, I love using art and creativity to innovate.

Don't hesitate to contact me, if you feel like you want to know more!